May 13, 2022

Applied Biomimetic is now Vandstrom

For Public Release

Gaithersburg, MD, May 13, 2022 – Applied Biomimetic, Inc., a leader in the convergence of polymer and protein membrane technologies, has renamed itself Vandstrom, Inc.  

Commenting on the change, CEO Imran Jaferey remarked: “Vandstrom is built on a passion for doing more with less and supporting a leaner and cleaner world through engineering. The company was founded on the basis of a research program to develop a biomimetic membrane. In that journey, we have developed a focus on enhancing industrial operations through increased efficiency in separation sciences. We have developed novel and proprietary porous polymeric membranes, and we have in recent years integrated manufacturing operations around these products adjacent to our laboratories in Gaithersburg.

We have built this business with multiple technology platforms, and it was time to broaden the brand with a name that reflects these platforms.”

For more information, contact

William Harvey
+1 (240) 292-1129

50 West Watkins Mill Road, Suite S101
Gaithersburg, MD, 20878

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