The future of separation technologies

Our work continues on the leading edge of biomimetic membrane technology.

Vandstrom is focused on harnessing protein through the application of high-performance membranes, providing greater value for today’s industry and laying the foundation for an evolutionary leap in separation technology.

With our nimble structure, our vertical focus, and our state-of-the-art facilities, we help our customers gain greater efficiency without compromising the purity of their end product.

Combination of skills and experience

We combine the skills and experience from polymer science, protein science and membrane science. We understand the limits and we balance the trade-offs across these disciplines to drive the evolution of the biomimetic program.

While some have pursued lipid bilayer, our focus is in using block polymer technology to develop vesicles that will not only separate the targets, but also survive the intended use. This is a crucial difference between a coupon tested under ideal laboratory conditions, and the use in full-scale industrial applications with a wide field of conditions and background fluid chemistry.

We are successful in protein reconstitution in the vesicle form at very high efficiencies. This breakthrough, and the creation of a chemically functional substrate, will drive the evolution of the biomimetic membrane program.