Working at the intersection of biology and material science

We take an interdisciplinary approach combining our skills and experience in membrane science, protein engineering and process design to develop scalable solutions that deliver densely packed channel proteins on a membrane surface.

Our focus is to deliver high performance, highly selective industrial solutions that are inspired by biology.

The most efficient separation processes are those what have evolved over billions of years, and we are working to incorporate that efficiency into industrial processes that will benefit all.

The future of separation technologies

Our work continues on the leading edge of biomimetic membrane technology. Vandstrom is focused on harnessing protein through the application of high-performance membranes, providing greater value for today’s industry and laying the foundation for an evolutionary leap in separation technology.

With our nimble structure, our vertical focus, and our state-of-the-art facilities, we help our customers gain greater efficiency without compromising the purity of their end product.

Read our latest presentation at the Protein Society meeting July 2023.