Progressive vision on a trusted foundation

We’re making a big impact today, and have big plans for tomorrow.

Our Vision

To enhance industrial operations and the quality of life through separation science

Our Mission

To be the most admired company in the industry, and one which attracts customers and talent through a reputation for excellence in all things.

Our Core Values and Operating Principles

  • Science
  • Results Orientation
  • Open Communication
  • Agility
  • Continuous Learning
  • Diversity/Equity/Inclusivity
  • Community​​​​

Leadership Letter

by Mads Clausen
Vandstrom Chairman

Vandstrom is built on a passion for doing more with less and supporting a leaner and cleaner world through engineering. In the late 2000s, we invested in a membrane science company, and I found myself fascinated with how a product that is technically an industrial consumable, most often manufactured into standard-elements, could also in many cases be a key to speeding up the rate-limiting step of a given process, enabling customers to achieve leaner operations or increase capacity in their applications.

The vision of the biomimetic membrane is a manifestation of our intense focus on pushing boundaries in performance. At Vandstrom, we strive to be pioneers in the application of transmembrane proteins for industrial process separation – using the most efficient separation principle which has evolved over billions of years. I am reminded of a mantra of my grandfather, an engineer and industrialist, which applies perfectly to the pursuit of a biomimetic membrane: “if everyone can do it, we shouldn’t do it – but if no one can do it, maybe we have a shot”.

Our Team

Vandstrom is built on a pioneering philosophy and is driven by the experience of industry veterans and technologists.

Imran Jaferey

Imran Jaferey

President & CEO

“Working with a team to solve ‘unsolvable’ problems society faces has always been what motivates me. I’ve been fortunate to work with people from all over the world and with a variety of backgrounds, and being able to draw on that diversity is what has driven success in any organization I have been part of.”


Oliver Geschke

Oliver Geschke

Vice President, Research and Development

“Interdisciplinary research and development has always been my personal driver. Producing excellent state of the art membrane products is already somewhat complex, but combining classical membrane technology with novel polymer chemistry and biotechnology add at least one extra layer of complexity. Only by connecting curious minds with various backgrounds that these complex problems can be solved.”


Meron Cherenet

Meron Cherenet

Vice President, Business Operations and Human Capital

“I have a real passion for people and science and always wanted to be part of a business whose fundamental purpose is human well-being. I am thrilled to work with people genuinely committed to impacting lives through scientific innovations.”


Brian Meyers

Brian Meyers

Director of Finance

“I enjoy working on teams that are focused on developing new technologies with the potential to make the world a better place for all of us. Here at Vandstrom, we look past the horizon to overcome not just today’s problems, but the challenges society will face in the future. I am excited to see how we can change our environment.”